Janex White Buckwheat Unroasted

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Unroasted buckwheat groats are one of the most valuable for our organism since they are low-processed. Not only buckwheat helps to maintain acid-base balance, but also it is a source of amino acids and microelements such as zinc, copper, iron, potassium and manganese. Like most groats, unroasted buckwheat provides dietary fiber which promotes the feeling of satiety and supports the digestive system. Moreover, it regulates carbohydrate metabolism and reduces cholesterol levels. Buckwheat is recommended for gluten-free and low glycemic index diets. Unlike the more known roasted groats, unroasted buckwheat taste is mild and it can successfully replace rice in cooking. This product is perfect with meat dishes, salads, soups and also for sweet snacks. 4 pack of 3.5oz bags.

100% white buckwheat


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