2.82 oz ($0.81/oz)
E. Wedel, Extra Dark Chocolate, 80% Cocoa For baking and enjoying. Made by the lovely E. Wedel brand. If you want to reach for something sweet… do you choose proven pleasures? These certainly include dark chocolate cubes that melt wonderfully in your mouth. Crispy dark chocolate is a delicacy for the most refined gourmets. The content of 80% carefully selected cocoa guarantees pleasure that can be felt with all the senses. What will delight you about it? Deep, full flavor and an intense aroma that will be remembered for a long time. Strongly bitter, it is also the perfect chocolate for cooking. With its help, you can create an extremely pleasant chocolate dessert or a fabulous-tasting brownie.

cocoa mass, low-fat cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, flavor, emulsifier (soy lecithins), cocoa solids minimum 80%

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