WAWEL 8.64 oz White Michałki sweets from Wawel 245G


8.64 oz ($0.58/oz)
The unique taste of Michałków from Wawel is known to every sweet lover. Filled to the brim with peanuts, the filling has delighted the palates of millions of Poles for years. They love M!chałki for its intensely nutty taste, which is hard to resist. The iconic sweets are also available in a white version. It is the perfect combination of a delicate, milky interior full of pieces of sweet biscuits and crunchy nuts and a delicate coating with a sweet taste. Legendary Michałki in a new incarnation M!chałki z Wawelu Białe is an exceptionally successful variation on the legendary candy with an aromatic, nutty filling. It is an original composition that breaks conventions and gives traditional M!chałki a completely new face. Surrounded by white icing, the filling surprises with the amount of pieces of peanuts and biscuits. Pleasantly sweet candies are perfect as a tasty snack and a sweet treat during casual meetings with family or friends.

peanuts 26%, sugar, white coating 16.8% [sugar, vegetable fat (palm, shea), whey powder (from milk), emulsifier: lecithins (from soy); natural flavouring], vegetable fat (palm, coconut), powdered milk powder 11.5% [whey (from milk), cream, whey proteins, skimmed milk, buttermilk], powdered whey (from milk), lactose (from milk ), biscuits 1.2% [wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm), sugar, potato starch, salt, whey powder (from milk)]. the product may contain nuts, eggs and sesame seeds.

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