Wawel 8.64 oz Mieszanka Krakowska Chocolate Covered Jelly Candy


8.64 oz ($0.76/oz)
Mieszanka Krakowska is one of the most famous sweet products of Wawel. Flavors Include: Lemon Orange Pineapple and Raspberry. Classic Polish Chocolate Covered Jellies. The Krakow mix is ​​one of the most famous and beloved products of Wawel. The richness of fruit flavors combined with delicate chocolate creates a composition full of freshness and delicacy. Among the four noble flavors: natural lemon, ripe orange, sweet raspberry and exotic pineapple, everyone will surely find their favorite. Jellies in chocolate Mieszanka Krakowska delight with the intense taste of fruit. It is a timeless product that is still present on the tables, accompanying in the sweetest moments of life. A unique combination of fruit jelly in four delicious flavors and exquisite dessert chocolate, whose thin layer tightly envelops each of the jellies. Perfect in any situation, perfect as a sweet treat during meetings with family and friends.

sugar, glucose syrup, chocolate 20% (sugar, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, vegetable fat (palm, shea), emulsifiers lecithin (soybean); flavor), water, acidity regulator: citric acid, gelling agent: agar, fruit concentrates: strawberry, cherry, forest fruits, pear - 0.2%, aromas

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