24.5 oz ($0.65/oz)
The milk fudge from Wawel is based on a traditional recipe. Crispy on the outside and slightly creamy and chewy inside, these sweets with a traditional milky flavor will quickly transport everyone to a world of joy and carefreeness, bringing a smile to the face of even the most pessimistic person. A cult taste that has been popular among generations of Poles for many years. Irreplaceable in any situation, they are perfect as a sweet snack at any time of the day. Every time he appears, he relaxes the atmosphere. Legendary fudges from Wawel Milk fudge has been delighting people for years with its unique and unique taste, obtained thanks to a good recipe and carefully selected raw materials. This is an excellent composition combining four essential ingredients, the taste of which will be appreciated by people of all ages. Butter-milk candies are a great choice for every sweet lover. Classic recipe, iconic taste The unique taste of the Milk Fudge from Wawel is due to the classic and refined recipe, which is a composition of four essential ingredients, including milk and butter. Loved by everyone, butter-milk candies that do not contain any preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors. Each candy is packed in an individual package with a funny saying that instantly puts you in a good mood. A real treat for every sweet lover!

sugar, glucose syrup, whole milk powder 15%, butter 4.5% (of milk) may contain peanuts, eggs, soya.

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