Winiary 2.64 oz Teriyaki Noodle Cup

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2.645547 oz ($1.51/oz)

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Street Food Teriyaki Noodles is a quick and delicious meal inspired by Japanese cuisine. Perfect for a short lunch break at work or on the go.

Fried noodles 73.3% [wheat flour, palm oil, wheat gluten, salt, acidity regulator (potassium carbonates), stabilizer (sodium phosphates), spice mix 26.7% [sugar, potato starch, dried vegetables (garlic, leek, carrot, celery, onion), powdered soy sauce 2.7% (soy, wheat, maltose), caramelized sugar, corn starch, salt, yeast extract, spices, flavor (contains gluten, eggs, mustard), sunflower oil, regulator acidity (citric acid)].

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