8.82 oz ($0.79/oz)
We present traditional sesame halva produced based on an original Turkish recipe in a family factory in Poland. Our halva is characterized by a natural composition of the highest quality products. Halva is made by hand just like real Turkish halva, which guarantees the hairiness and fragility typical of halva. The main ingredient of halva is sesame paste, i.e. crushed sesame seeds and the oils they contain. We make sesame paste ourselves from 100% sesame, which guarantees the highest quality of our halva. Halva is not sweetened with glucose-fructose syrup or improved with flavor enhancers. Sesame is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible for humans. Halva provides our body with Vitamins A, C, significant amounts of B vitamins and E, H, T (increasing the production of platelets), as well as valuable minerals: selenium, iron, zinc and Omega-6 acids, supporting human immunity, especially in period of strong projection of bacteria and viruses. The calcium contained in sesame is easily absorbed by the body, and thanks to sesame oil, it is more easily transported to the bones. Interestingly, halva contains more calcium, magnesium and protein than milk.

Sesame pulp (55%), sugar, xylitol (20%), pistachio (4%), soapberry root extract, natural vanilla flavor, natural lime juice.

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