Czaniecki 8.8 OZ Star Shaped Pasta

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8.81849 oz ($0.45/oz)
Small star shaped pasta is a popular favorite amongst little ones! Enjoy this traditional star shaped pasta that is a must in traditional tomato, mushroom, and barley soups! Star-shaped pasta is recommended especially for soups and salads (light and with the addition of a fatty sauce). It also goes great with sweet desserts, e.g. with strawberry sauce. Loved unusual shapes will also appeal to children. The macron star also has an interesting use as a fish bait! Thanks to the tiny hole, it fits perfectly on the hook. We prepare egg noodles based on traditional recipes – its taste is like a return to childhood. However, it is thanks to the addition of durum wheat that it is much more valuable. It contains many nutritional values, including lutein, B vitamins, potassium, iron and folic acid. In addition, durum wheat has a lower glycemic index, which is why diabetics and people who lead a healthy lifestyle are eager to eat this pasta.

Wheat pasta groats, semolina (durum wheat semolina groats), eggs 5 pieces per kilogram of flour, water

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