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Radamer in patches – it will tempt you not only with holes Ripening yellow cheese, Swiss type, characterized by large holes, which will certainly attract your attention. And it will definitely be a good choice! After opening the package, you will initially feel a milky, slightly sweet, but very delicate aroma. After tasting it, it turns out that Radamer actually tastes sweet, but after a while a nutty note is clearly felt. An interesting combination that you will appreciate. Radamer – a good everyday companion This cheese will please your entire family. Children will enjoy the numerous holes and the fact that the slices can be easily rolled into rolls. Adults will appreciate the fact that the slices are of the perfect thickness, thanks to which they clearly accentuate their presence on the sandwich, but do not dominate the other ingredients. Radamer’s recipe is based on milk of excellent quality and matured for four weeks. The cheese is fatty, does not contain lactose or preservatives, and 10 liters of milk are used to produce 1 kg.

pasteurized milk, salt, lactic acid bacteria, stabilizer - calcium chloride, color - annatto. Packed in a protective atmosphere.

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