Roshen 35oz Romashka Candies


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Chocolate glazed candy with sweet creamy creme brulee filling with cocoa powder and cognac. Roshen “Daisy” candies – candies made of creme brulee cream fudge with the addition of cocoa powder and cognac, glazed with chocolate glaze. Sweet candy “Daisy” is soft, dark, creamy, has a pleasant, delicate taste and a light, barely perceptible note of cognac in the aftertaste. The fudge is covered with a thick, delicious layer of chocolate glaze. Candies are perfect for sweet tooth lovers, and will also go well with unsweetened tea or coffee.

Sugar, condensed milk product [skim condensed milk, sugar, milk fat substitute (non-hydrogenated palm oil), lactose], chocolate icing 22% [sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa butter equivalent (non-hydrogenated shea butter, palm oil) , emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E476), vanillin flavor], syrup, confectionery fat (non-hydrogenated palm oil), reduced fat cocoa powder, brandy, flavorings. The minimum content of cocoa products in chocolate glaze is 51%. CONTAINS VEGETABLE FATS IN ADDITION TO COCOA OIL.

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