1.02 oz ($2.54/oz)
The first chocolate bar in Romania which still strongly preserves the taste of the years of hard feelings of the communist era when it started to be produced. From 1964 until today, ROM has become part of the Romanians history. It has grown along each new generation, when foreign influences became irresistible, it still managed to keep it’s authenticity, provoking the Romanians to be proud of their identity. ROM unites the romanians campaign by campaign and showed them how, with a bit of irony and a lot of fun that we can fight for the authentic romanian values that define us.

Sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (soy, palm, shea), low-fat cocoa powder, glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm, soy, rape, shea), wetting agent (sorbitol), whey powder (milk), refined ethyl alcohol from agricultural sources, whole milk powder , Rum 0.1%, stabilizer (invertaza), emulsifiers (soya lecithin, polyglycerol polyurethane), aromas, content of cocoa in the glaze min. 20.4%, alc.max.1.9%. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts, gluten, eggs.

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