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Cottage cheese is a product that is widely used in the kitchen. We can use it to prepare a spring salad or delicious sandwiches for breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner. Prymat curd spice is a mixture of universal and natural additives that emphasize the taste and aroma of all white cheese-based dishes. The dried pieces of tomatoes and onions included in the Prymat cottage cheese seasoning are particularly well suited to cottage cheese and salads. On the other hand, herbs such as lovage, parsley and chives create a pleasant set of flavors and aromas. The mixture also contains salt and black pepper, thanks to which it can effectively replace most of the spices commonly used in the kitchen. The small sachet in which the cottage cheese spices are placed is convenient and handy – we can easily take it with us to work, school or on a trip and season any salad or even sandwiches. It is also worth knowing that lovage, parsley and dried tomatoes emphasize the taste of soups and sauces – so we do not have to limit the use of the mixture only to dairy products. The herbs and spices contained in the sachet go well with homemade butter, bean dishes, peas or lentils. The universal combination of ingredients is a treat for lovers of experimenting in the kitchen.

salt onion dried tomatoes (23.4%) lovage leaf (7%) parsley chervil black pepper (2%) chives

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