PRYMAT Whole Cumin

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Whole Cumin is a spice that is the perfect finishing touch to baked rolls, bagels and salty sticks. It looks beautiful, exudes a characteristic, pleasant aroma, and gives an intense flavor to the baked goods. We also like to use it for dishes with fresh or sauerkraut and for other hard-to-digest dishes. It fantastically enhances the aroma of bigos, noodles or dumplings. These oblong grains provide our dishes with a spicy, bitter and slightly spicy flavor. A note of caraway is also often useful in meat dishes, both baked and stewed in a sauce. In a word – it is a necessary spice in every kitchen. Whole and ground cumin is a spice appreciated in many countries. It reigns at the tables of the Germans, Dutch, Hungarians and English. Widely known and is also used in Greek cuisine. It is an indispensable addition to many dishes from the Middle East. Thick, winter soups with caraway creams will be even more warming and appetizing.


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