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Prymat fried onion is an aromatic and tasty addition to many dishes. It is perfectly fried, golden and crisp. After frying, the onion partially loses its sharp taste and becomes more mild and at the same time slightly sweet. We can add it to meat, fish and vegetable dishes. We have the much-loved taste of onions from the pan at our fingertips without having to cut and fry them. Thanks to this, we can quickly and conveniently revive the taste of prepared dishes. Prymat fried onion is a great idea to quickly enhance the flavor of soups, sauces, potatoes, dumplings or dumplings. We can use it both cold, e.g. for salads or sandwiches, and warm as a crunchy addition to casseroles, hot dogs, kebabs or hamburgers.

onion (75%) Palm oil wheat flour salt The product may contain: eggs, milk (including lactose), soy, mustard, celery, peanuts and sesame.

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