Piwniczka Babuni pickled vegetable salad POLISH KIMCHI 520G

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16.09 oz ($0.31/oz)
Kimchi comes from Korean cuisine and is a mix of pickled vegetables based on rice gruel. Of course, it is also enriched with the traditional spicy Gochugaru pepper. In Korea, Kimchi is considered a national delicacy and practically every home has developed its own recipe to create this unique combination. Today we want to introduce you to the Polish version of this product! As a nation, we like to experiment with the flavors of the world and this is the effect of Polish Kimchi, which will take you to the land of unique flavors! A combination of pickled Polish vegetables locked in a jar with nature itself so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

sauerkraut, tomatoes in brine, cucumbers in brine, onion, chili pepper, natural brine, black pepper, may contain traces of celery.

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