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Pirro is an Italian pasta brand located in the southern Italian region of Calabria. Here, pasta dough is prepared at low temperatures and slow-dried for up to 30 hours, all in an effort to retain the wheat’s natural proteins and gluten. The end result is an Italian pasta with great texture and flavor, perfect for making your favorite recipes. Add an assortment of Pirro pastas to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cooking. Pirro Tagliatelle with Squid Ink is a dark-colored pasta with a rich, briny flavor. Pirro Tagliatelle with Squid Ink tastes of the sea but is not overly fishy; the taste is clean and subtle. The aroma of Pirro Tagliatelle with Squid Ink is more noticeable than the taste. Pair squid ink noodles with other types of seafood for an aromatic and dramatic-looking dish.

Durum wheat hard, black of sepia (3%)

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