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Do you want a sweet snack during your free time at the office or a break between classes? Great! However, this is not a reason to settle for empty calories and sugar – especially since the unique OSHEE muesli bar with vitamin C is available on the market. The OSHEE muesli bar with vitamin C that we offer is a snack based on cereal ingredients, such as whole-grain oatmeal, corn grits and wheat bran, enriched with cherry and lime flavor in a cocoa-milk coating. It is a source of a large amount of vitamin C, which plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the human body – it affects the quality of the skin and largely helps in the proper functioning of the circulatory and immune systems. The OSHEE bar also contains protein. Importantly, this unique bar does not contain artificial ingredients that have an adverse effect on health, such as preservatives, dyes or sweeteners. The product also does not contain hydrogenated fats. Who is OSHEE muesli bar vitamin C500 40g intended for? The OSHEE muesli bar with vitamin C we offer is intended primarily for people who want to supplement vitamin C deficiencies in a tasty way and at the same time find a healthier alternative to sweet snacks. However, remember that the OSHEE Musli bar vitamin C500 40g product should be treated as a dietary supplement, therefore it should not be a replacement for a healthy, nutritious diet.

Cereal ingredients 45% (whole grain oat flakes 25%, corn grits, wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, wheat bran, glucose syrup), cocoa-milk topping 16% (sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from milk), low-fat cocoa powder 6%, skimmed milk powder 1%, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithins; aromas); sugar, freeze-dried cherries 2%, sunflower oil, enriching agent: vitamin C, humectant: sorbitol; acidity regulator: citric acid; dried lime juice concentrate 0.1% (maltodextrin, lime juice concentrate 40%, natural flavor), emulsifier: lecithins; salt, barley malt extract, flavor.

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