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A special benefit for the human body is famous blackthorn. The use of blackthorn compote is primarily due to the unique chemical composition of the drink. For the preparation of blackthorn compote, as a rule, fresh plant berries are used, which are enriched with biologically active components. In the process of preparation, some of the beneficial compounds are lost because they have a temperature effect on the currant berries. However, most of it still remains in the composition of blackthorn compote. The use of blackthorn compote is the content of vitamins A, B, C, E, H, as well as PP and beta-carotene in the composition of the drink. In addition, the compote of their blackthorn will saturate the human body with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, molybdenum and other undoubtedly useful substances. It is worth noting that black currant has a rather specific taste. For this reason, it is not so easy to eat a large amount of healthy berries in their pure or fresh form.

blackthorn, water, sugar, citric acid.

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