Mokate Minutka Raspberry Tea

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1.410958 oz ($1.84/oz)
The round Minutka express tea bag with the flavor of Raspberry hides a carefully selected blend of black teas, enriched with the sweetness of aromatic raspberry, which delights with the deep and intense color of the infusion, a distinct aroma and the captivating taste of ripe fruit. Thanks to this, Minutka flavored with Raspberry is a tasty drink, perfect for tasting at any time of the day. Minutka has been appreciated by Polish families for years as an ideal tea every day. Thanks to the excellent recipe, the infusion always has a fresh, unique taste that you can share with your loved ones endlessly. To make it easier for you, we have created a handy Raspberry-flavored Minutka packaging that allows you to enjoy the family taste of raspberry tea wherever you are.

Ingredients: blend of black teas, flavor, dried raspberry juice 1.0% (maltodextrin, raspberry juice concentrate), acidity regulator – malic acid

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