Mokate Minutka Lemon Tea

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1.975342 oz ($1.31/oz)
Lemon-flavored Instant Tea Comes with a carefully selected blend of black teas, enriched with a refreshing taste of juicy lemon. Each handbag allows you to get an amber infusion with a palpable citrus accent, perfectly balanced hint of bitterness. Thanks to this, it is a tasty drink, perfect for costing at any time of the day. The minute has been appreciated for years by Polish families as the perfect tea every day. Thanks to the excellent recipe, the infusion always has a fresh, unique taste, which you can endlessly share with loved ones. To make it easier for you, we’ve created a handy Lemon-flavored Minutka pack that lets you enjoy the family flavor of lemon tea wherever you are. The high quality of the infusion with unchanging qualities brought Minutka many awards, awarded both by the trade industry and by its faithful amateurs.

Blend of Black Teas, Lemon Flavor, Lemon Peel (0.5%).

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