Milanowek 10.58 OZ Milky Cream Fudge Candies


10.582188 oz ($0.38/oz)
Soft and luxurious milky cream fudge candy. This original product with its familiar yellow and brown label is made in the town of Milanówek, located near Poland’s capital city of Warsaw and is itself a capital of Polish fudge. ZPC Milanówek Krówki Milanowskie unique sweet pleasures that melt in your mouth. We have been enjoying their delicious taste and unique creaminess for over 70 years. Our Milanowskie fudge is a true symbol of tradition and diligence in the production of sweets. Each fudge was created from natural ingredients of the highest quality to provide you with an unforgettable taste experience. Their unique taste and perfect texture make them perfect for any occasion. Order today and see why our Milanowskie fudge is loved by generations.

sugar, glucose syrup, whole milk powder 13%, vegetable oils, partially hydrogenated fats.

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