10.582188 oz ($0.66/oz)
Milka Alpine Milk is the delicious, delicately melting chocolate treat made of 100% Alpine milk and the classic for all chocolate lovers. Alpine cows graze on the slopes of the mountains. They give milk, which is used to create velvety Milka chocolate, famous for its delicacy. Appreciate this classic sweetness and taste the delicacy. Discover a more chocolate flavor of Milka and a new, more delicate shape. In order to seduce the palates of chocolate lovers and respond to their changing needs, Milka has modernized the recipe, and the chocolates have gained more cocoa in the composition – which ensures a balanced sweetness and a more chocolate taste, making the Milka bars even more delicate

Sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder (from cow), cocoa mass, whey powder (from milk), milkfat, *emulsifier (soya lecithin), hazelnut paste, *artificial flavor (vanillin). Cocoa solids 25% min.

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