11.65 oz ($0.77/oz)
MILKA ALPINE CHOCOLATE-ORANGE MILK 330 g Milka Alpine Chocolate-Orange Milk is a unique combination of delicate milk chocolate from Alpine milk and chocolate-orange foam from Alpine milk. This is a perfect choice for lovers of sweet and fruity sensations. This perfectly matching flavor composition was created by the renowned Milka brand, which has been surprising its customers with unique chocolate products for years. Alpejskie Mleczko is one of their newest proposals that will surely charm every chocolate lover. The product was carefully packed to preserve freshness and aroma. You can be sure that each piece of Milka Alpejskie Mleczko Chocolate-Orange 330g will provide you with extraordinary taste sensations and pleasure.

Cocoa mass shee) gelling agent: agar preservative: potassium sorbate vegetable fats (palm emulsifier: sunflower lecithin emulsifier: soyalecithin e 476 moisture -keeping sorbitol in -vertical stabilizer milk chocolate 26 % [sugar orange powder 0.35 % dye coconut) acid gear - lem Ure sugar reconstituted lean milk flavors glucose syrup whey powder (from milk) skimmed milk powder flavor cocoa butter milk fat protein powder glucose cochineal/carmine

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