Mlekovita Mega Hercules Lactose-Free Skimmed Milk Powder

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Powdered milk is a product that is often used in Polish cuisine. It is a proven addition to many pastries and sweet desserts, which adds flavor and nutritional value and facilitates their preparation. Thanks to the work put into the development of the product base, MLEKOVITA can offer an absolute novelty in this assortment: lactose-free skimmed milk powder. It is intended for direct consumption after dissolving, as an ingredient in cocktails, hot drinks (such as coffee or cocoa), desserts and pastries, and as an intermediate in the food industry for the production of e.g. ice cream or confectionery. They can also be taken on a trip and prepared at any time. It contains nutrients valuable for health: wholesome protein, which, among others, contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and helps maintain healthy bones, and is a valuable source of calcium necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth.

100% cow's milk whey

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