Marco Polo PLUM Preserve

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13 oz ($0.38/oz)
Made with hand-selected sun-ripened plums growing in Southeastern Europe, Marco Polo Plum Preserves contain only four pure ingredients: plums, sugar, citric acid and pectin. Luxuriously rich, tart and sweet, our plum preserves are wonderful on toast or bagels, with butter, cream cheese and nut butters. Swirl a spoonful into Greek yogurt or oatmeal, vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, for an extra measure of deep purple plum joy! Add to a salmon, chicken or pork pan sauce – with balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of fresh lemon – and your family and friends will thank you! Or, use as the topping on cake bars or bake into a scone for wonderful deep plum goodness.

Plum, sugar, citric acid, pectin.

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