10.33 oz ($1.45/oz)
Chocolates made of milk chocolate (43%) with hazelnut and cream filling (57%). Magnat was established in 1994. We have changed from the time of our establishment to the present day, expand- ing our portfolio and ideas, but never forgetting about our concept of giving people joy and pleasure through our sweets. Our best-known product is pralines with a cherry in liqueur. The assortment is complete with pralines with other, just as tasty fillings, such as pralines with a whole hazelnut, with walnut-flavoured fillings, with caramel with a hint of salt, as well as truffle, vanilla, raspberry and cherry fillings combined with chocolate cream. All our chocolates are hand-packed, made with passion and great commitment, while the rich taste of our pralines, as well as the variety of forms and designs, means that everyone who loves all things sweet will find something for themselves and others.

sugar, lactose, hazelnuts 10%, cocoa butter, unhydrogenated palm vegetable fat, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, soy flour, vegetable oil (from soy), emulsifier: lecithin, sweet whey powder, flavor. Chocolate - cocoa mass minimum 25%. May contain peanuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and gluten.

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