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Lowell Foods Hunter’s Stew, or Bigos, is a composition of cabbage, vegetables, and spices. Generally served with mashed potatoes or rye bread, it constitutes a staple of the Polish cuisine, as it is immensely filling and hearty. Its richness in vitamin C, year-long availability of ingredients, as well as its warming and robust qualities have made Hunter’s Stew an essential part of the cold winter diet in most of Eastern Europe. Best served heated and you may add veal, beef, ham, bacon, sausage or any other complimentary ingredients to suit your own liking. It is, however, fully prepared and ready to eat upon simply heating it up. The taste will remain superb, and the fragrance impeccable, whether you choose to add ingredients of your own or not.

HUNTER'S STEW, Mbigos hunter's contahunter's mustard seeds, cereals contahunter'shunter'sg gluten, celery, soy, milk, eggs.

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