Krinos Pitted Kalamata Olives

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4.75 oz ($1.58/oz)
Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, Kalamata Olives are Greece’s most flavorful olive and a mainstay of the Mediterranean Diet. Grown exclusively in Kalamata, in the southern Peloponnese, these purplish, almond-shaped olives are distinguished by their plump size and meaty texture. Eaten by locals for thousands of years, Kalamata Olives are an essential ingredient of every Greek Salad. Pitted for your convenience, Krinos Kalamata Olives will add a tangy depth of flavor to fish and meat dishes, salads and pasta sauces. They are also delicious in sandwiches, including with cream cheese on a bagel.

Olives, salt, water, olive oil, acetic acid (vinegar), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

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