KAMIS Seasoning for cheesecake and cheese masses

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The taste of the cheesecake is the taste of childhood – delicious, fluffy cheese, with a hint of vanilla and orange peel, necessarily with the addition of raisins. Bearing this taste in mind, we try to prepare an identical baking every year. It can be baked on the basis of cottage cheese with the addition of nuts and dried fruits, on a crispy or biscuit bottom. The seasoning for cheesecake and cheese masses is a unique blend, because it contains the addition of real, intense vanilla, which emphasizes and complements the taste of white cheese. Thanks to the use of spices, the cheesecake has a unique fruity note. The seasoning is also an excellent addition to all sweet cheese dishes, including for cold cheesecakes or cheese filling for dumplings, muffins, pancakes and other cakes.

sugar, vanilla (including extracted) - 2.2%, lemon peel, orange peel, cardamom, aroma

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