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3.5 oz ($2.17/oz)
Fresh grade AA unsalted butter is the base for all six of Isola’s gourmet blended butters. Sweet, creamy, soft and spreadable straight out of the fridge! Isola butters can be used any way you would normally use butter to achieve superior flavor profiles.

Grade AA Unsalted Butter , Soybean Oil , Fresh-roasted Garlic , Parmigiano-reggiano Pdo Cheese ( Cow's Milk , Salt , Rennet ) , Basil Pesto ( Olive Oil , Basil , Cashew Nuts , Powdered Milk , Lactose Cheese , Garlic , Salt , Pecorino Cheese , Pine Nuts , Parsley , Chives , Salt , White Pepper , Sage ) . Allergen Info Contains Cashew And Cashew Products,Pod Fruits and their derivates,Beef and its Derivatives,Soybean and its Derivatives,Milk and its derivates,Tree Nuts and Their Derivatives,Pine Nut and Their Derivatives,Lactose.

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