Lubella 8.8 oz Honey Cereal

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8.81849 oz ($0.57/oz)
Mlekołaki Honey Wheels are breakfast cereals for small and large lovers of honey. The rings are made of wholemeal wheat flour and natural honey. The minerals contained in Honey Wheels are only in natural form, perfectly complementing a balanced diet of both adults and children. Served with your favorite milk or yoghurt, they are a valuable meal in the morning, and in the form of a “solo” – they are a nutritious snack between meals.

flour (76%): wholegrain wheat (52%), corn, rice, wheat; sugar, wheat and barley malt syrup, honey (5.1%), wheat starch, sunflower oil, raising agent: sodium carbonates; salt, dyes: caramel, carotenes; flavourings, emulsifier: lecithins (from rapeseed); antioxidant: a mixture of tocopherols.

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