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A unique novelty on the market – express icing for cakes and desserts in round form is not only easy and quick to use, but also allows for additional forms of decoration. We can sprinkle chocolate lozenges on the finished dessert, decorate the top or sides of the cake with them, or use them to create a commemorative inscription. Helio products are therefore perfect as a finishing touch to a birthday cake, an addition to shortbread cookies, and will also perfectly decorate a cup with ice cream or jelly and whipped cream. A great idea for a quick dessert is also to prepare a chocolate founde with dried fruit from the brand’s wide range of Helio icing lozenges. helio. Thanks to the use of helio products, each portion of sweets will gain a unique and festive look.

49.2% sugar; 35% fully hydrogenated coconut and palm oil in variable proportions, 15% low-fat cocoa; emulsifier: soy lecithin; aromas.

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