Sonko Fit Lunch Mediteran Style

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Fit Lunch Asian style is a unique composition of grains, vegetables and spices, from which you can easily prepare a delicious, nutritious and wholesome meal. With our blend, you can easily prepare your favorite Asian dishes that will remind you of your holiday travels. Try a delicious combination of rice, barley and bulgur with carrots, peppers and fenugreek. Fit Lunch from Sonko saves time and guarantees excellent taste. Fit Lunch is an original idea for a base for salads, lunch, main courses with the addition of meat, fish or vegetables. Perfectly selected, natural ingredients – perfect for a healthy meal during the day. We used the method of preparing rice with steam, which speeds up the preparation of your meal – your dish is ready in a few minutes!

white rice - thermally processed (parboiled) instant (51%), instant roasted barley, bulgur (from durum wheat), dried carrot (1%), salt, dried onion, dried fennel (0.4%), dried paprika (0.3%), natural flavor, garlic, dried tomato, cumin, spices, black pepper, cinnamon (cassia), fenugreek seeds (0.05%), dried leek, spice extracts (allspice, cumin)


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