Kamis Coriander

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Whole Prymat cilantro is successfully used in both spicy and sweet dishes. Once used to make love potions, today you can still fall in love with its distinctive taste. It will enrich the aroma of meats, fish, soups or any vegetable dishes. The smell of coriander is also important. A sweet, spicy scent with a pepper-balsamic note, with a clear citrus accent, is the culmination of a prepared meal. It is worth choosing a seasoning in the form of whole grains, because it can be easily crushed in a mortar, and at the same time retains its valuable properties for a long time. Whole Prymat coriander is the perfect choice if we want to emphasize the qualities of Indian and Arabic dishes. For millennia, the Greeks also cannot do without coriander – they add it to moussaka or Greek-style skewers. The beige seeds of this plant are eagerly used in the preparation of Mexican delicacies. They give a sweet and slightly burning character to traditional dishes from the region, such as burritos, tacos and tomato salsa. In addition to savory meals, the fruit of this plant will also add variety to the taste of baked cakes. The spicy aroma of the grains will diversify the taste of apple pie and gingerbread.


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