Delecta Coconut Aroma

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1.014126 oz ($4.62/oz)
Natural flavor of coconut from Indonesia will give your baking and dishes a unique and exotic character. Indonesia is a country where coconut trees have the best growth conditions, hence our natural aroma that will delight you with the scent note of fresh coconut. It spreads perfectly in all sweet and salty dishes – giving them a unique taste and smell. Thanks to it, you will compose your unique exotic dessert without using alcohol. Perfect for the preparation of creams based on heavy cream – it does not delaminate, does not stain, and also for drinks (shake or coffee). It dissolves quickly, leaving no so-called ‘Greasy mesh’ on its surface. It is also perfect for flavoring chocolate, sugar masses and all kinds of baked goods: muffins, shortbread cookies, butter cookies, sponge cakes, cakes and cakes, as well as ice cream and frozen desserts.

sugar, natural coconut flavor from Indonesia with other natural flavors

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