Fluer Alpine Children’s Organic Tomato Sauce

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3.351026 oz ($2.09/oz)
Children’s tomato sauce by Fleur Alpine is a delicious addition to main dishes and side dishes, it will be appreciated not only by grown-up kids, but also by their parents: The sauce has a clean recipe – it does not contain salt, sugar, vinegar, hot spices, excess fats, carbohydrates and food additives that are harmful to the child’s body Adults will appreciate the natural composition and natural vegetable taste of the sauce, as well as its low calorie content.

tomato pulp* (tomatoes*, tomato juice*, acidity regulator: citric acid), carrot*, green peas*, onion*, spinach*, zucchini*, pumpkin*, celery*, eggplant*, tomato puree* (tomatoes*, acidity regulator: citric acid), sweet red pepper*, extra virgin olive oil* *organic farming complies with EU legislation (EC Regulations No. 834/2007, No. 889/2008)

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