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The sweetness of forest fruits – raspberries, blackberries and blueberries closed in a jar. Raspberry is a natural source of vitamins, including: C, PP, A, many microelements and mineral salts. It has antipyretic, diaphoretic and cleansing properties, anti-atherosclerosis, supports the immune system, accelerates fat burning, relieves migraine pain. Blackberries are fruits with many valuable health properties. They contain many antioxidants that effectively inhibit the effects of carcinogens. They are a rich source of fiber, which reduces the absorption of unhealthy fats and reduces the risk of heart disease. Blackberries accelerate metabolism, are low in calories, which is why they are often included in slimming diets. They also support the work of the circulatory system. They contain vitamin C, which increases the resistance of cells, vitamin E (vitamin of youth), which slows down the aging process of the skin, and vitamin K, which, combined with a large amount of magnesium and calcium contained in blackberries, is involved in the formation of bone tissue. Bilberry is a low-calorie fruit: 100 g of fruit provides approx. 57 kcal. In addition, it is a source of vitamins from group B, E, C, K. It supports the nervous system, reduces the risk of cancer, improves the condition of the skin and nails. Slows down cell aging processes. Large pieces of fruit, pleasant taste, invaluable aroma, low sugar content, no preservatives – all this our customers can find in delicious forest fruit jam prepared according to the original recipe.

forest fruits (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries), sugar, water, strawberries, gelling agent - pectin, acidity regulator - citric acid, thickening agent - guar gum

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