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Blueberries are fruits in the form of small balls with many valuable properties, pleasant taste and aroma. One of the largest blueberry growers in Europe is Poland. Bilberry is a low-calorie fruit: 100 g of fruit provides approx. 57 kcal. In addition, it is a source of vitamins from group B, E, C, K. It supports the nervous system, reduces the risk of cancer, improves the condition of the skin and nails. Slows down cell aging processes. Large pieces of blueberry fruit, pleasant taste, invaluable aroma, low sugar content, no preservatives – our customers can find all this in a delicious jam made according to the original recipe.

high blueberries, sugar, water, gelling agent - pectin, thickening agent - guar gum, acidity regulator - citric acid.

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