Aksam 3.15 oz Beskidzkie Baciarki with flax, sezame and black seeds


3.15 oz ($1.08/oz)
A crispy and appetizing snack, rich in cereals and grains – Baciarki Beskidzkie is a completely new way to eat sticks. Baciarki multigrain sticks with flax, sesame and nigella seeds are carefully baked from selected ingredients to make them tasty and crispy. Baciarki in a convenient package are perfect for munching at school, work, you can also take them on a trip and on trips. Baciarki with flax, sesame and nigella seeds do not contain preservatives and palm oil. It is a Polish product and 100% plant-based – it received the V-Label Vegan certificate.

wheat flour (77%), rapeseed vegetable oil (1) and/or sunflower vegetable oil (2), linseed (3%), sesame (3%), black cumin (3%), rye flour (1.61%) , salt, barley flour (0.81%), graham wheat flour (0.81%), wheat bran (0.81%), sugar, raising agents: sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates; acidity regulator: sodium hydroxide; aroma.

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