1.6 oz ($1.06/oz)
Bakalland BA! Oatmeal with raspberries and cranberries 47 g, a snack based on 3 cereals, raspberry flavor with the addition of cranberries. Cereals have been included in the healthy eating pyramid for years. With the addition of fruit, they can be a tasty but valuable snack or meal. Bakalland BA oatmeal! are three cereals – rye, wheat and spelled combined with the taste of raspberries and cranberries. It’s also a great idea for a delicious, warm second breakfast or a tasty snack between meals. What’s more, Bakalland BA raspberry and cranberry oatmeal! you can take it with you to work, on vacation or on vacation. To carefully selected cereals and fruit, just add milk or water, whichever you like best. Raspberry and cranberry oatmeal is a perfect supplement to the diet for active people

oat flakes 65%; sugar, skimmed milk powder, spelled flakes 2.1%; rye flakes 2.1%; candied cranberries 2% (cranberries 60%, sugar, sunflower oil); freeze-dried raspberry 1.6%; aromas. /

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