Krinos Ammonia Baking Powder

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Before the advent of baking powder and baking soda, “Baker’s Ammonia,” or ammonium carbonate, was the main leavening agent in the 19th century. Many classic Greek and Middle Eastern recipes call for ammonia, and for good reason! Use Krinos Baker’s Ammonia instead of baking soda or baking powder in your favorite low-moisture baked goods – like thin cookies, pastries, bread sticks and crackers – and you’ll find the end product has a lighter and crunchier crumb. Because our Ammonia is heat activated (unlike baking soda or powder) your baked products won’t start to rise until what you’re preparing goes into the oven. While you will smell the scent of ammonia during baking, it will quickly disappear! Your baked goods will have a fabulous crispness that isn’t duplicated with baking soda or powder – and without the soapy-tasting residue.

Ammonium carbonate.

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