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1.4 oz ($4.28/oz)
Mango Magic Blend is a sunny tea blend of soft, juicy mangoes and uplifting black teas. A richly enchanting brew, it is sure to energize you at any time of the day. To create this blend, the Tea Masters balance fresh East African black teas, then add real mango chunks and signature mango flavor to give the brew a sweetly exotic summer vibe. It’s a pleasant combination that has been part of our collection for over 20 years. We wrap each tea bag in foil so that each cup tastes good all the time. Mango Magic is a truly radiant blend, perfect to drink both hot and cold. Swap your afternoon brew for a cleansing, mango-infused cup. Or for a thirst-quenching iced tea alternative, soak the tea in sugar and lemon, then dilute with iced water. Serve over ice for a hot tropical afternoon. You get all the character of a fruity black tea, plus added icy refreshment.

black tea, 2% mango

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