European Food Express is dedicated to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner. Doing so sustainably requires that we balance the social, environmental and economic benefits and risks of our products. Suppliers play a key role in our efforts to ensure that we manage our global supply chain in a sustainable way. Our policy is to only work with suppliers who share our commitment to socially responsible and ethical business practices. European Food Express expects its suppliers to obey all laws, regulations and other governmental authorities of any country in which they do business, and to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

European Food Express’ commitment to ensuring that its supply chain is maintained in a socially responsible way includes, among other things, an expectation that suppliers not use forced labor of any kind, including human trafficking and slavery, to produce the products they provide to European Food Express. To monitor compliance with its expectations, European Food Express encourages suppliers to sign a written certification that it complies with all laws and regulations, including those relating to slavery and human trafficking.

Further, European Food Express audits potential new and current suppliers from time to time to determine if they are meeting the requirements of European Food Express. On an annual basis, suppliers are selected for audit using a risk-based approach. Supplier participation in the audit process is mandatory and failure to meet the requirements of European Food Express may result in discontinuation of the supplier relationship.

Suppliers are also encouraged to enter into written agreements with European Food Express. European Food Express’ purchasing agreements require suppliers to comply with applicable laws within the country of business, including those laws regarding human trafficking and slavery, and specify the requirements by which our suppliers must abide.

European Food Express encourages its employees who are responsible for supply chain management to obtain training on how to mitigate risks within the supply chain. Such training may include internal presentations, seminars or webinars.

European Food Express recognizes the importance of fair labor practices and is committed to doing its part to eradicating slavery and human trafficking. European Food Express maintains internal accountability procedures for its employees and contractors. European Food Express also provides ethical and compliance training on the company standards and code of conduct for its employees and management.

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