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Best Homemade

Shop now for our best homemade Golabki – perfectly crafted cabbage rolls filled with a savory blend of rice and meat. A true Polish delicacy awaits you

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Only the freshest, best quality products from Europe


Dive into a European culinary journey
with European Food Express!

Embark on a culinary tour of Europe with European Food Express! Savor the luxury of caviar, dive into Italian delicacies, and relish hearty German dishes. From classic pierogies, Greek flavors, and Mediterranean cuisine, to the traditional golabki, kielbasa, and Polish sausage, we’ve got you covered. Craving the unique tastes of Ukrainian, Romanian, or Balkan food? We have it all. Complete your meal with fresh yeast, kashkaval cheese, or krakus ham, and sweeten the experience with Polish candy. Our online European grocery brings the continent’s finest directly to your door.

Taste Europe's rich culinary legacy today!

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Order authentic PIEROGI right to your door anywhere in the USA with European Food Express!


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